E3 2017 Diary Day 2

The Dark middle chapter.


Things that went my way on day two of E3 2017:


I remembered to park on the correct side of the street by the Metro station so as to avoid a parking ticket.


I had a productive day of volunteering at the Extra Life booth.


After my shift, though, things took a turn. The crowds became navigable on day two but only because people learned where to stand in line on day one. Immediately after leaving my booth and entering the hall I found capped lines. This was three hours before the end of the show. In some cases the capped lines were preferable; at one booth they were just telling folks the wait was four hours and not mentioning that the convention would close a full hour before they would get to touch the game.


So I left at some point having not touched a game. I boarded the train home and began overhearing troubling conversations from my fellow passengers. Apparently at the last stop they’d been informed that the trains were no longer running the entire length of the route. There’d been a bomb threat at one of the stations along the route and at some point we would all need to board busses to circumvent that portion of the track.


This added about half an hour to my commute home.